Bulk scheduling in Buffer, HootSuite and Postcron

The bulk scheduler is one of the most desirable features offered by HootSuite – an attractive one-stop shop for managing various social media profiles and campaigns. It is very handy for posting bulk messages to different social media networks on preset dates and time slots. Another newer tool for scheduling – Postcron is also supported. As of march 2017 there is also support for Buffer (BulkBuffer and BulkPublisher).

The CSV file for bulk scheduling

But one of the pet peeves regarding this functionality from community users is creating the CSV (comma separated values) file for bulk message creation. The grievances range from automatic text conversions in spreadsheets, implicit or non-explanatory error messages, no scope for reusability and a host of other problems.

The Scheduler that simplifies

To can these, I have designed “The Schedule Simplifier” which is a smart, dependable and hassle-free way to generate these CSV files in a manner ready to feed into Hootsuite or Postcron. Additionally, it is geared with useful features that will make your message creating experience easy and delightful. It also eliminates the possibility of you hitting into errors, mostly related to formatting when uploading the file in Hootsuite or Postcron by taking care of them in the process of creation itself by displaying appropriate warnings and error texts, thereby providing you a proven solution, thus enabling you to accomplish your results quickly.

For instance, the application flags you if you exceed the character limit. It also allows deletion and modification of records, encourages reusability of previously created files which the premium version saves in a .wcsh format with the intention of having files that the application can import, and the user modify. The files can be imported one by one or if desired several can be merged etc. Its major advantage and the initial reason for the development of it is that it solves the problem of setting your time in a stereotypical cumbersome format of mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm or dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm for every record in the spreadsheet. Problems with formatting can especially happen when you have forgotten to put off auto-conversion. The application uses a nifty easy-to-use calendar and time tool. You can also gain leverage to generate automatic timings by clicking on “Randomize” button in the application. To summarize, it is a neat and convenient package for bulk scheduling in Buffer, Hootsuite or Postcron, guaranteed to save a considerable amount of time and effort so that you can focus more on your business and priorities.