The lead programmer on this project, Aleksandar, has some project of his own that you should check out!

Handwritten Solutions

The art of handwriting is aided in the computer age. Make your letters appreciated! Visit Handwritten Solutions and see for yourself!

You type it, they will handwrite it.

Easy animals

Visit Easy animals and find out about how to easy draw them exciting animals on your Android device.

What’s your country

The app What’s your country will in a magical way guess the country that you imagined.

How to use it:

1. Just choose one of the 20 countries available on the first screen. Keep it in your mind and think of it. Stay focused.
2. Proceed to the next steps by answering if your chosen country is part of the current list.
3. After answering on the last list of countries, the app will highlight your chosen country.

Enjoy using it, share with your friends and have a fun!