Do I have to enter my name and email address when I download free products?

Yes, the documents in the download will be personalized with your name, email address and an unique identifier number.

For the software the email address is used to tell you about updates. We are planning to have those integrated in the product.

Your email address is safe with us, we don’t send spam and would never share it with anyone else.

Why can’t I upload the file to HootSuite?

If you’re using the paid version, please make sure you’re trying to upload the csv file. The wshp file can only be used in the software. Also make sure you’ve chosen the right date format.

For other reasons please refer to the error message and make the changes accordingly. We are confident that the export is the right format.

How long can a message for twitter be?

A message for twitter without a link can be 140 characters, with link (that is written in full in the software and shortened when uploaded into HootSuite) it can be 115 charachters. There’s a change announced that twitter will no longer count photos and links. This is expected to take place during the summer of 2016.