How it started

The idea of this software spawned with me discovering HootSuite and the possibility to bulk schedule.
I soon realized, I did not want to expend much time on the formatting of the file meant for bulk scheduling. Just wanted to compose it without inserting so many instructions for date and time, checking for formatting and duplicates, just wanted to easily add information to the file and be done. So, I wrote macros in a Word document to take care of this and save the documents with my messages, for later use. I could use it just fine but had to admit that the there was no usability to talk of and that the Word document wasn’t the ideal tool.

Software for scheduling

Therefore, I decided to build this a software product to share with assistants, clients, and others so that they have a hassle-free, dependable and proven solution to help them accomplish results quickly. I wanted the whole message creation and reuse experience to be fun and easy.

The programming project

The programming happened as a project on Upwork, formerly oDesk. The way the software has shaped up addressing all the lacunae in the existing bulk schedule feature of HootSuite, and make its way through the challenging and time-consuming parts in the process is the proof of the success of the concept with online projects. The project work contained great expertise and an eye for detail. The project is still ongoing to continue maintenance, add enhancements and improve the overall experience for bulk message creation.

Behind the scene

We’re a team of people living in different places of the world. The project is lead by me (idea, requirement specification, texts, and many other things) and aided by programmers, an administrative assistant that frequently uses the software and thus we now how efficient it is, and an additional Swedish translator/copywriter. Vi also have a programmer and AI expert we always can turn to for guidance.

We work in systems designed for online collaboration and when necessary we talk on Skype. Sometimes these discussions are about other subjects too, we all like to have fun and make progress at what we do in our common or separate projects.

Ann a.k.a WRENDAAleksandarAsad

From left to right:

Ann a.k.a WRENDA
Aleksandar (lead programmer)
Asad (administration)
Clarisa (language)
Vanco (AI and programmer expert)